Monday, January 31, 2011

What's in the Water?

Does your water have a noticeable haze or murkiness? It may be time for a water filtration system or a new filter. In addition to the noticeable effect on water clarity, sediment can also create problems by plugging up other filters you may be using, causing them to fail prematurely. And let’s not forget about the biological agents which include protozoa, bacteria, viruses, and cysts and spores that can be unhealthy for humans and animals. Having clean fresh water is important and Paul Evert’s RV Country has all your fresh water needs, stop by and visit our parts department today!

Here are some common questions RVers have about using/changing their filters:

1. Why does my water looks gray after I change my filter?
This is a common occurrence after changing a carbon filter, and is caused by fine carbon dust being flushed out of the cartridge. It will be gone after you run a few gallons of water through the unit.
2. How do I know when I should change my filter?
There are two primary indicators that will alert you to replace a filter cartridge. The first indicator is a reduction in flow rate, which is caused by a filter getting plugged with sediment. The second indicator is a little less obvious and involves your taste-and-odor filter. If you notice that the taste and/or odor of your water is not as clean as it used to be, it is very likely that your carbon filter is losing its effectiveness and needs to be replaced. This, of course, assumes that you have a carbon filter.
3. Why does my filter never seems to need replacing?
Well, either you are receiving extremely clean water, or your filtration system is not working properly. Make sure that you have a cartridge or cartridges in your filter canisters and that your water is flowing through them. If everything checks out, you must be getting very clean water.
4. Why should I filter all the water going into my RV, including the water for the toilet?
Many plumbing fixtures, both in homes and RVs, have small orifices and moving parts that come in contact with the water. Sediment and sand can wreak havoc in these fixtures, and removing the sediment is often much cheaper than repairing a plugged or damaged fixture. RV parks can have a real load of sand and sediment in the water.

For more information or to have our service department install, check, or replace any filters for you, please visit our website to make a service appointment.

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