Friday, January 28, 2011

How We RV - Bob & Barbara Calderwood

Bob & Barbara with Boo & Precious
RV MAKE & MODEL: 1999 Safari Panther

A LITTLE ABOUT US:  We've been married for 43 years. Our children live on opposite coasts. We have two grandsons (We will watch the  oldest graduate from high school next May in Wellington, FLA). Bob retired in 1999. We spend 9 months of the year in the motor home and stay in Port Ludlow, WA during the summer months. We've been motor homing since 1977.

PETS:  We travel with two Miniature Pinchers (brother & sister 13 years old). "Boo" likes to grab a sock and guard it while "Precious" complains in a high pitched squeal or bark "He's doing it again!" They both like to travel on the dash of our motorhome.

FAVORED TRAVEL DESTINATIONS:  We don't really have one place we go. We want to visit the historical. We enjoy the various regional cultures our country has to offer (you know - food, sounds, smells, food and more food), and we are fascinated by the vast variety of architectural styles.

TIPS, TRICKS & GADGETS:   I use the "Pro-Fill" on-board battery watering system. It saves a lot of banged knuckles, your hands stay clean and you know that each battery is properly topped off. I also use an in-line water filter system. But instead of attaching it to the out door water spigot  or having it under the kitchen sink, i've set it up in the basement next to the water intake valve.
Barbara's trick in the kitchen is to have me do the dishes (just joking - actually after me breaking enough cups she realizes that I'm incapable of measuring up to the task). Barbara always wipes the plates clean before putting them in the dish water saving the holding tank from grease and bits of food.

FUNNY STORY:  Our very first RV trip was in a rented RV in 1977. We took off from Southern California for an Easter vacation with our friends in Scottsdale, AZ. Half-way across the desert we noticed a putrid smell. As it turns out it  the gray tank had backed up into the shower where we had stored our suitcases. (That RV was supposed to be ready to go and we didn't know anything about holding tanks.) Since the clothes were soaked with the obnoxious liquid, Barbara hand washed everything in the sink as I drove. Having no way to dry the clothes she lit the oven, placed the  wet clothes on the rack and waited for the clothes to dry. It wasn't too long before we smelled another oder - this one we recognized. Yeah, for the rest of the trip we wore clothes with little brown stripes imprinted on them from the hot oven rack. We still laugh. That first trip may have been the best.  In less than a month after our return to L.A. we had bought our first RV.

COMMENTS ABOUT PAUL EVERT'S RV COUNTRY: Having RV techs with whom you can communicate and trust is very important to us. Our experience with Patrick Clyde, our service writer, simply could not be better. Thank you for your service!

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