Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Recently we heard about a gentleman that was a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning while in his RV. Our thoughts are with his family.
This should remind all of us living the RV lifestyle to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of our loved ones.  Below are some precautions you should always take while RVing.  Be safe and have fun!
  • Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer because it is odorless and colorless.
  • When using your stove be sure to open a window or crack open a rooftop vent. (When opening a window though, do not open one on the exhaust side of the coach!)
  • Have your fuel burning appliances checked at the beginning of each camping year to be sure they are properly vented and working well and don’t sleep with the generator running.  A basic LP leak test at our service department is quick, easy and only costs $62.50.
Did you know that in RV's carbon monoxide gas usually results from: Exhaust leaks from either a vehicle engine or a generator, improper use of portable gas powered heaters, or even someone else's vehicle or generator when camping in close quarters? It's often recommended to have a carbon monoxide detector in the front of your trailer/motorhome and one in the rear bedroom area (And an additional one in the garage if you have a toy hauler!).

Hank Dudley, our Service Manager, explains that when replacing your carbon monoxide alarm, it's best to choose one that has been tested by Underwriter Laboratories (noted by a UL on the label) and that is designed specifically for RVs. RV carbon monoxide alarms need to be more rugged than alarms for home use. Generally, it is easiest to replace your existing alarm with one of the same model.  For hardwired alarms, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions precisely when connecting your replacement alarm to the vehicle's 12V system.
At Paul Evert’s RV Country we have carbon monoxide detectors always in stock and can even help you get them installed.

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