Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How We RV - Mark & Juanita Ward

Feather River, California

Once when we were in South Dakota at Mount Rushmore in our Winnebago wide body that was 12ft tall, we pulled up to a tunnel that was only about 10ft tall and 8ft wide and of course we could not go thru. I unloaded the car off the dolly turned the car around and was preparing to hook the dolly to the back of the car so my wife could drive it back down the hill when a stranger pulled up and asked my wife what I was doing. Well, she said, he's getting the car out of his way so he can back up and get a better run at the tunnel! The man thought about it for a minute or two and then said that he wished me luck because there were two more smaller tunnels on up the hill.

Feather River, California

I had to back down about half a mile to a large switch back where I could back into and then have room to head back down the hill and meet the wife with the car and dolly in a RV park at the bottom.

Our traveling companion from Sacramento stopped at a KOA park 1/2 way up the hill and asked the man there if he had seen us. "OH YES HE SAID, HE WAS HERE AND HE WENT ON UP THE HILL, BUT HE WILL BE BACK!"

Zion National Park, Utah

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