Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paul Evert’s RV "Country Club" Card

Have you purchased your exclusive Paul Evert’s RV Country club card yet? 

Get your new year started off right with discounts on all the necessities (AND FUN STUFF) that will keep your RV lifestyle going smoothly down the road. Our parts club membership is on special right now for only $14.95 -  which is cheaper than a Good Sam or a Camping World membership and you get 10% off all* purchases!

We also have an upgraded membership for $89.95 which gives you access to the Paul Evert's RV Travel Club, 10% off parts & accessories, AND an exclusive 10% off labor in our service department. That can add up to big savings quickly!

For more details and to download your application, please visit:

*Discounts apply to all non-advertised parts & accessories only.

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