Monday, January 24, 2011

How We RV - Troy & Lisa Macy

I guess our story is kind of unique in a way.  We live full-time in our RV because my husband is in the pipeline industry.  Because his work takes us all over the US for different jobs, we can be in a place for a few weeks to a year or more.  We were most recently in California for about 9 months and are currently on a job in Utah for the next 6-9 months or so and then we don't know where is next.  We never do.  It's an adventure!  Ha  We sold our home because we were never there, so we live wherever we are parked at the time.

We have 3 "kids", at least they are kids to us. They are fox terriers.  Gabi is the oldest, she is 7, and a fawn color.  The twins are Sassy and Torch and are both 5 years old.  They keep me busy while Troy is working, and I am also studying via distance learning through the Global College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA to become a Holistic Health  Practitioner.  I have already completed my certifications as a Nutritional Consultant and Master Herbalist.  I also have started writing a blog to try to give out what I call "healthful" information and healthy recipes that aren't made from "processed refined" foods.   So, that is how I spend most of my time each day.

In the last almost 5 years (Since March 2006) we have been in Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, California and Utah for work.  We have stayed in a multitude of different campgrounds, usually in rural areas, as natural pipelines don't usually go through the middle of big cities.  We end up in places you wouldn't normally just pick off a map to just go and visit, but we still end up learning about American History through our travels.  We usually meet really nice local people wherever we go.  And you always end up with one or two people to stay in touch with after you're gone from their area.  It's nice to know that everywhere we go, we can always go back to visit and find a friend!

The hardest thing is finding a place that takes three dogs, a 45' coach and two vehicles, but we always seem to manage. When we went full time almost 5 years ago, we put everything in our motorhome that we thought we might need, and at least twice a year since then we have cleaned out and given away or put into storage the things that we really don't need.  If it doesn't get used, it goes away.  I have found that I don't need nearly as many clothes as I thought I did, and you really don't need all the dishes that you think you do.  So, less is definitely least for us.  And if it won't fit in the coach, you can't have it, so that makes for less shopping!  Ha!

We really enjoyed where we stayed in Chowchilla, CA (an RV resort) because not only was it the best place we've ever stayed, it is also a perfect home base for seeing Yosemite, the Sequoias, Wine tasting, and it's within 2-3 hours of so very many things!  Like San Francisco, Monterey, etc....  Great fresh fruit and veggies too!  I so miss having that here!

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