Monday, August 15, 2011

Thomas & Deborah - Road Trip Wrap-Up

Sunday August 14

We're Thomas and Deborah, and because we're friends of Curt Curtis, the general manager of Paul Evert's RV Country, we are able to combine our vacation with delivering a motorhome to Wisconsin. Click on our names to gain access to our previous blogs.

On Saturday, August 13, our days on the bike finally came to an end. Over the past 12 days we put on about 1700 miles and made it all the way around Lake Michigan along with many enjoyable side trips. The best part, is that we're still in one piece. Riding street bikes is dangerous; there's no getting around it. There's nothing between you and all those potential accidents but a bit of leather. Compound that cold fact with bad weather, road construction, traffic, and we're just thanking God we're safe. Dangerous, yes, but definitely worth the risk at our age. We rolled in to Madison and were happy to see all our friends from Paul Evert's. In yet another rain storm, we moved from the bike into the motorhome.

The coach we selected, out of the few that needed to be taken back to Fresno, is a 2008 Holiday Rambler Scepter. It’s a beautifully crafted coach with many amenities similar to the Monaco Executive we drove east. This time, however, we can’t afford a leisurely pace that allows us to enjoy our time in the coach—school begins for Thomas Wednesday morning. The FMCA show in Madison ended Saturday evening. Hammer down.

It was a good show with many people now enjoying their new or pre-owned RVs, but the sales team, and Deborah and I are ready to return home. The drive is made easier knowing that every mile brings us closer to our family including the grandkids and dog and cat. We love to travel, but we also love our home. We met a couple from California last week who lived in their Holiday Rambler along with their 14 year old calico cat. She didn’t mind living on the road a bit and would periodically beg to be taken outside on her leash to be walked. Upon returning to the coach she’d find a warm spot to settle in for the next several hours. With a nice RV, life on the road can easily become life at home as well.

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