Friday, August 5, 2011

Camp Finder App for the RV Lifestyle

You asked for it, and you got it! Camp Finder now has an app for all the Android users out there! Following the success of the Camp Finder app for the iPhone, was inundated with requests on Facebook, Twitter and email from campers and RVers demanding an app for their Android phones. And now Android users can also “find a place to stay". 

The app received good reviews from users, and the New York Times says its the best of the paid camping apps. Camp Finder gives you a simple way to search for campgrounds and RV parks, and discover the perfect place to stay while on the road. You can search over 10,000 campgrounds and RV parks to find the right one to fit your needs - from opening times, rates, sites, rental units, recreational activities to facilities and services, and much more. This is one app we’re really excited about.
While you’re on your way to those new RV parks you’ve found with Camp Finder, don't forget to stop in and say hello to us here at RV Country!


  1. The camp finder app is great for RV camping, which I love a lot more now that I am older. When I was younger I was all about sleeping on the ground, not so much anymore, the ground is hard and unforgiving, the bed in my RV is soft and comforting, guess what wins? And RV camps make sure you feel at home while you are away from home. The one thing I always hate doing though is point my satellite dish, even working for DISH I still get frustrated sometimes when I am setting that thing up, but DISH just released The Tailgater self pointing satellite, all I do is put it with a clear view of the southern sky, and run the set up. It was so easy watching the demonstration I grabbed one up. Check it out at

  2. I absolutely love this app and it actually got me out of a bit of trouble this august. Im happy to see other people are getting a lot out of it as well. After finding the app so useful I now visit the companies site,, im planning my next RV adventure down south. Thanks for posting.