Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thomas & Deborah - Home safe zoom zoom!

Monday August 15

Well, our sojourn has come to an end. With driving hard, yet sleeping when needed, we arrived in Fresno late Monday night. It was quick trip home, but nevertheless enjoyable. "Oh look, that's where we ate breakfast 2 1/2 weeks ago!" Zoom. "That's where we changed the trailer tire!" Zoom. "This is where we slept on the way out!" Zoom zoom and before we knew it we were taking the Chestnut exit of Highway 99.

Even though we didn't really settle in, the Holiday Rambler Scepter was a beautiful coach that had a soft quiet ride. The floor plan was different than most, with the fridge right behind the driver and a little hallway along the side of the restroom to get to the rear bedroom. Two full-length windows were there that gave the center of the coach an airy, open feeling. Another option we appreciated was the Aqua Hot. If you're looking into purchasing a new or used motorhome, we'd sure try to get that along with the other amenities we mentioned earlier on the Monaco Executive.

Anyway, aside from having a couple of tires failing on the trailer, the trip was smooth and carefree, all 20 days. (On a side note, Thomas and others have noticed a problem with trailer tires: they age quickly, come apart, or go flat easily. This can be resolved by putting light truck tires on your trailer instead of tires designated "trailer use only". This works for 18-wheelers and it has solved all our tire problems.)

Our dog and cat were sure glad to see us; it's good to be home. It's been a pleasure logging our trip, and we hope you benefited from traveling with us. The folks at Paul Evert's RV are great people; we love working with them. See you out on the road or in the camping spot.

Take care and God bless,

Thomas and Deborah

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