Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monaco RV Pre-Rally dinner in Manitowoc Wisconsin A BLAST!

August 1, 2011

Tomorrow (2 pm) is opening day for the Monaco Pre-Rally in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and things are off to a great start.

A few of us even found some time to do some sightseeing at Lambeau Field!

Green Bay, Wisconsin is mere 35 miles from Manitowoc and offers one heck of a stadium tour!

You may be following our Guest Bloggers Thomas & Deborah as they prepped, packed, and journeyed towards Wisconsin... Well, we had a little prepping and packing to do ourselves!

Over the years we have hosted many pre-rally dinners for our loyal Monaco customers friends. From luau's in Lancaster to Georgia peaches, we've had lots of fun with you all! Usually, we have a little help in the catering department, but this year we decided to do the cooking ourselves! Our tie dye loving crew is no stranger to the BBQ, so we packed up our grills, tongs, and aprons and headed the 1,100 miles to Wisconsin.

On the menu was something us Californians are pretty proud of - Tri Tip! The popular beef cut originated on the Central Coast of California in the 1950's, and has since become a national envy and an undeniable California tradition. Of course, we also had rolls, salad, beans, and barbequed chicken.

Did we mention we did all the food preparations IN A MOTORHOME kitchen!?

Over 100 people ate, drank, and won prizes! It was perfect and we wouldn't change a thing - well, except that we're sad it's over! We hope to see you around in the Monaco display and look forward to meeting up with even more of you at the FMCA rally in Madison, Wisconsin next week!

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