Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thomas & Deborah - Luxury RV Features & Monaco International RV Club fun!

Monday August 1

After a comfortable and safe drive, we pulled in to the Monaco Pre-rally Sunday evening. Two items to note regarding the home we’ve enjoyed for five nights: the Aladdin system that I mentioned earlier, in addition to all the cool information it brings you, also accesses any cameras the coach is equipped with. “Ok,” you say, “that’s cool.” But wait, there’s more! Typically, a small LCD screen is also mounted near the bed with an Aladdin controller. This means, that while lying in bed, one can navigate through all the cameras, checking the back and each side like a built in security system! And finally, typically the driver’s seat is a big fluffy recliner that can be swiveled to become part of the livingroom furniture. Nice, but such seats do not necessarily make for the best driving position. Of the many Monacos I’ve driven, the driver’s seat in this one is by far the best. It’s the Hi-Tech Kustom Fit, and it adjusts every way possible, including lumbar, and the lower seating cushion actually retracts to morph from a fluffy piece of furniture into a more typical vehicle seat. Very cool.

After doing some final shopping Sunday (always fun to pull a 44' Executive and trailer into a parking lot), we were ready for the Customer Appreciation Banquet held Monday evening. The place mats were pages of the U.S. Road Atlas, and the center pieces were all-American as was the dinner. Deborah checked everyone in, about 85 people, and Thomas served the tri-tip expertly prepared by Jorge, one of the sales staff. We LOVED the Monaco crowd; what a neat bunch of people.

A constant stream of coaches continued to arrive, and soon the Expo center was transfomed from a fairgrounds into a little city of motorhomes. The organizers expected nearly 200 Monacos. Electrical is run for plug-ins, entertainment planned, and lots of socializing. It's really something to see.

Off on the bike Tuesday morning with a fond farewell to the Monaco Owners and our good friends at Paul Evert's RV Country.

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