Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thomas & Deborah - Soo Locks, Canada, and more!

Friday August 5

Thomas and Deborah Craig here again. Please check our earlier blogs regarding how these two middle-age school teachers got all the way from California to Michigan.

We've made our way down to Muskegon. It's near Grand Rapids. We haven't had internet for a few days, so here's a quick synopsis of our journey on motorcycle: The first day out of Manitowoc, WI we had rain, so we checked into a Country Inn and Suites early. The next day, Wednesday, however, we made some miles and traveled along the Circle Tour of Lake Michigan as far as Mackinac City. Thursday we ran an hour up the Mackinac Trail to Sault St. Marie and saw the Soo Locks.

They first were built in the mid-1800s to facilitate shipping between Lake Superior and Lake Huron which are separated by about a mile of shallow rapids. Seeing the attractions there was well worth the trip. We crossed into Canada, but just long enough to snap a photo. Friday was another long day of riding that brought us most of the way down the east shore of Lake Michigan.

The weather has been wonderfully agreeable, but one thing's for sure: on a bike you know you've been somewhere. The wind, the temperature, and the scents bombard you every mile. After eight hours in the saddle, all but the heartiest are ready to call it a day, unlike driving a Monaco. Although this is fun, we're looking forward to getting back to comfort. We don't expect to return home in the 2006 Executive, however, because it's expected to sell since it's such a beautiful coach. The mystery of how we're getting home is part of the fun...

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