Saturday, April 16, 2011

RV Lifestyle; Go Camping – Get Rewarded!

Did you know that you can earn free camping at RV parks and campgrounds all around the state of California?? It’s true! Camp at participating locations and get RVing REWARDS! points. Each point card has 10 points. You accumulate them and exchange them for valuable prizes. Prizes are worth various amounts so it's up to you how many points you want to accumulate before you redeem a prize.  You do have to camp at a participating park.

When you get to the park make sure you receive a Points card when you register. You shouldn't have to ask for one, but if the staff forgets to give you one, don't be shy about asking for it.

Redeeming your points is easy, all you have to do is select a prize at (be sure you have adequate points for the prize.)
Then, mail a self addressed stamped envelope and your point cards to the address on the back of the card and your gift certificate/prize will be mailed to you! All for going camping and having a great time!

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