Saturday, April 30, 2011

RV Country Searches For... Was That A Giant Hot Dog That Just Drove By??

How many of you have actually gotten to see the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile? How about the Hershey Kiss Mobile or Mr. Peanuts Hot Rod?

Iconic vehicles like these have been around since 1918, the first being the Lifesaver's Pep-O-Mint car. So how often on your RV travels do you actually see a wacky wheeled oddity like one of these cruising down route 66 next to you? Have you seen one at a gas station? Or how about at a rest area?

These familiar Americana vehicles attract more attention than a dancing poodle no matter where they go, but it seems they aren’t actually spotted too often. Our challenge to you on your RV adventures this season, is to keep your eyes peeled for these one-of-a-kind billboards on wheels, and if you’re able to, get a picture with it and send it in with your story.

Remember, we’re still running our ‘submit your story and win!’ contest. Every entry wins a prize and the winner receives a gift certificate to our store. Who couldn’t use a little extra spending money to put towards their home on wheels? We can't wait to see your pictures!

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