Thursday, April 7, 2011

The importance of properly servicing your RV!

This week we're encouraging everyone to perform routine maintenance checks on your recreational vehicle! Time and time again our service department sees vehicles in need of expensive repairs that could have been avoided with a proper check-up.

For example, you may see us advertise a Free 10 Point Inspection occasionally... Use these!!! In case you needed further nudging, not servicing your appliances and engine components (all covered in our inspection) can void the terms of your warranty.

Real Life Example!
We had a customer who did not check his roof and seals for cracks. Due to those unattended cracks, water began to fill up underneath the laminate sidewalls and front cap. When it finally started to noticeably bubble out, IT WAS TOO LATE!
Check your roof & seals for cracks every 6 months as recommending by the manufacturer!

Instead of a couple hundred dollars to reseal the roof, we now have a VERY costly and time consuming job on our hands!

We don't do this to scare you or to try and drum up business for our service department, but because we honestly want to save you from an even greater expense and to keep you out on the road enjoying your RV as intended!

Make sure your summer vacation plans are headache free!

Have your RV checked out today!
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