Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The RV Lifestyle can make a 90 degree turn effortless

Did you know that the Keystone 246 RLS Cougar High Country Fifth Wheel comes with a Reese Revolution Pin Box? 

What’s a Reese revolution Pin Box you ask?   
Let us tell you all about it! It is by far one of the coolest things since the pudgy pie! It allows short bed trucks to make 90+ degree turns effortlessly, with no fear of contact, and without the need for an automatic sliding hitch. How awesome is that?! 

Imagine…no more swinging out to make a turn and only one moving part with no lubrication or regular cleaning required.

It’s just another reason to purchase a Cougar by Keystone! And as luck would have it, we just placed a pretty large order for some, so be sure and stop by to see us real soon!

Click Here to check available Cougar inventory!

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