Monday, April 25, 2011

RV Lifestyle: Gas is up For Spring Break

As gas prices continue to rise, we have to wonder, how will this affect your travel plans for spring break? Many families take this time to see family for the Easter holiday. Some families take this time to reward the kids and themselves for surviving the harsh winter, the demands of school and work, and to remind them that summer is almost here.

As RVers, we probably have a slight advantage. We get to take our second home with us. We have the luxury of combining, travel, lodging, and dining into one comfortable package. Gas prices may be up, (Just take a look at this news story but that just means we need to get creative in how we save money in other areas.  Maybe we cook on the fire more and eat out less. Maybe we skip that round of putt-putt golf and throw a frisbee, or sit around gazing at the stars, and telling ghost stories instead.  One thing is for sure, we definitely have the advantage by living the RV lifestyle.

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