Thursday, June 2, 2011

Safety First in RV Country

Before you set out on your next adventure, be sure to keep a few things in mind. It may seem obvious to some, but to others the height of an RV often goes overlooked. Some drivers accidentally drive under an overpass without enough clearance because they forget about the height of the vehicle. Keeping your RV's height handy is a good idea, as well as knowing the clearance to the upcoming bridges and tunnels along your way. An atlas can sometimes help with this, as can some GPS units. While there is currently no phone app for this, we were able to find a website that does list low clearance bridge heights that may be helpful to you.
Another item to keep in mind is maintenance. Yes, it's sometimes a pain to get your RV into the shop for its maintenance check, but an RV that's well maintained is less likely to give you problems along the way. You can even start by doing a small check on your own, such as checking headlights, brake lights and turn signals and making sure your tires have the correct air pressure and sufficient tread depth. Our service department can do a more in depth checkup, such as inspecting your belts, brakes, and engine.
You'll also want to make sure you have a plan in case you do break down. Always carry a cell phone, and it's a good idea to leave your travel plans with someone back home. Have plenty of food and drink on hand in case you're stuck on the side of the road for awhile. A good roadside assistance program is good to consider as well.
Stay safe out there RVers, and happy traveling!

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