Wednesday, June 1, 2011

RV Parks Go Wireless

Good news for all of you RV'ers out there who want (or need) to stay electronically connected to the real world...

Now more RV parks and more state parks than ever are providing wireless internet to their patrons. Neil Neiwert, president of BlueMesh Networks of Meridian, a firm that provides Wi-Fi to Idaho state parks, said that even more than the 14 parks currently offering Wi-Fi in Idaho could get connected this year. Internet access has been attracting people to state parks and keeping them there.

"People who use the Wi-Fi network are able to extend a two-day weekend stay at an Idaho park location into a three, or four day stay by checking into the office on Friday and Monday via email," Neiwert said.

Many parks offer their Wi-Fi for free, while others provide the first few minutes free and then an hourly fee. Click here for a list of RV Parks offering free Wi-Fi nationwide.

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