Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outdoor Activities for children living the RV lifestyle

There's a new website in town and its taking over your computer and your kids. Hopefully, its going to get them moving and shaking OUTSIDE. How, you ask is a website going to get my kid off the computer and outside?! Read on and prepare to be amazed.

Children ages 6 to 12 will be shown parks they can visit and suggestions for outdoor activities. Activities include camping, walking barefoot on the beach, climbing a tree, fishing, and playing in a nearby park, among others. There is even an area to search by map or activity, depending on what you and your child feel like doing that day. The site is very interactive.

Kids can even download a passport from the website and then check off each activity they complete. But that's not all. Once they have completed all activities, they can then send the passport to the Oregon Recreation and Park Association and in return the kids receive a certificate honoring them as an official "Oregon Outdoor Seeker"! For more details, you can go to the official Outdoor Seekers website. And don't forget to take pictures of all your adventures on these activities, we love hearing your stories and seeing your photo's!

Happy Outdoor Seeking!

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