Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thomas & Deborah - Nebraska flat lands

Saturday July 30

All this flat land of Nebraska and Iowa is a nice break from the Rockies. About dusk last night we ran through a swarm of some winged Nebraskan insect. It covered the windshield and nearly blinded us from finding the North Platte Walmart. (OK, even in a 44’ Monaco Executive, Walmart still makes for a convenient sleeping pad, and they’re everywhere. Some local ordinances, however, have disallowed spending the night. Be certain to look for signs, or better yet, check with the management.)

This morning we knew we would have to wash the windshield before driving much farther. Next door we found the Tornadoes 16 and Under, a local female sports team offering a “donation only” car wash. To see their eyes when we pulled up to their little buckets of soap was quite likely the highlight of the trip. “It’s free, right?” Thomas asked. “Uh, free-will donation…” one of the girls stammered. There was certain relief when we explained we just needed the front washed. Great group of kids and sponsors.

Another bonus of North Platte, NE was the Bailey Rail Yard of the Union Pacific. It’s the largest in the world, so they constructed an observation tower for the general public. The yard encompasses 2,800 acres and sorts some 3,000 rail cars a day. Well worth the stop.

Only about 350 miles to go. We should be in Manitowoc, Wisconsin tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. so you finally got to the rail yard. was it closed when we went by a few years ago? 350 miles in one day? Shameful.