Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest Bloggers: Introducing Thomas & Deborah!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hi! We’re Thomas and Deborah Craig, and we love to travel, hence our photo by the Old North Church in Boston some 3,000 miles from our home near Fresno. This year, our wander lust inspired us to drive to the Monaco Rally in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Since we’re making the trip, we thought we’d invite you along by way of this blog. Our itinerary includes driving cross country to Wisconsin, touring the Great Lakes on motorcycle, and driving back home. What makes this trip a little different is that we don’t own this 44’ Monaco Executive; we’re borrowing it.

How did we manage that, you ask? Curt Curtis is the general manager and co-owner of Paul Evert’s RV Country, and he also happens to be a friend of ours. He needed this beautiful coach delivered to Wisconsin, and we obliged. We've taken along our big cruiser motorcycle, so while the coach is at the Monaco and FMCA rallies, Deborah and I will tour that part of the country on bike. This is one of several such opportunities we’ve had since 2003.

Acadia National Park, 2003, on a previous Paul Evert excursion
So this little journal of our trip will hopefully provide some entertainment and information. We’ll enjoy sharing our journey, our search for great food, and perhaps a few driving/RVing tips (prior to going to college and becoming a high school English teacher, Thomas drove an 18-wheeler for 10 years).

We’re planning on departing Fresno Wednesday afternoon, July 27. If you’re heading that direction, look for us and say hi. Thanks for reading, and say a little prayer for us if you think of it!

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