Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RV Country: Where will you GO?

The makers of the award-winning ‘Go’ Mobile Adventure Gear camping-trailer, have once again loaded a GO with over $15,000 worth of phenomenal adventure gear. They have hidden this prize somewhere in North America. So, when they say GO, literally, GO! Get on the open road and find that prize! Were your family vacations ever like this?! Think of the memories this will create!

FindtheGO is open to anyone over 18 with a desire for adventure. To find the prize package, stay tuned to Once they start, you will receive a new clue each week. The video clues will contain a set of geo-caching coordinates and a verbal clue that will guide you to the ultimate gear-cache location. Find it first, and it's yours!
And of course – don’t forget that camera! Because we want to hear all about your adventure and see all the pictures along the way.  Now go forth and Find the Go!

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