Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RV Buddies review the Monaco Vesta

We here at Paul Evert's RV Country were not the only ones excited to see the new Monaco Vesta arrive, it turns out the folks at RV Buddies sure were too!  A full review, photos, and video of the Monaco RV Vesta 32 PBS are now live on RV Buddies website.

"After reading this review and watching this video you will see why we named it one of the best RVs of the year," said Mark Summers, Executive Producer of the show.

The Monaco RV Vesta is the result of extensive research and development. It was developed with wind tunnel testing and features many aerodynamic design features, including flush bus-style windows to assist in reducing drag.

Monaco Coach describes this state of the art RV as being designed for today's RV Lifestyle.  It is perfect for everything from football tailgate parties to sightseeing across America.  The cockpit makes it easier to see, the nimble chassis makes it easier to navigate and park, and the engine is easier on fuel AND the environment, compared to traditional motorhomes. 

RV Buddies is an RV adventure-lifestyle show featuring reviews of RVs, accessories and gear, featuring hosts Mark Summers, Elise Baughman and Robert Wittenberg.  The program is distributed as an Internet television production on its own website, on Apple iTunes and through other distribution channels including iPad and phone friendly versions for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

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