Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How We RV - Bill & Jeanne Whitted

Bill & Jeanne Whitted with Canto & Pretty Boy
RV Make/Model/Year: 2004 Fleetwood Southwind RS
Number of years you've been RVing: 40 years
A little about you: We lived in Visalia, CA for forty-one years, before we retired. We bought our first travel trailer in 1978, we took it to Pismo Beach and the Sierra mountains for deer season. In 1982 our daughter moved to Manistique, MI with her husband and our only grandchild. We traded our travel trailer for a used 23 foot Mini Motor Home, we made our first trip to Michigan in 1983. We had another grandchild by then. We spent our summer vacations in Michigan to see our daughter & family. We had one granddaughter and two grandsons there by 1986.

We decided in the 1990's we would become full time RV'ers. We retired in 2005 and went on the road to visit family & friends.

We have our oldest granddaughter and her husband & two children in Enid, OK. Our oldest grandson lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, and our youngest grandson & wife live in Marquette, MI. We have a son that lives in Tehachapi, CA with his wife & daughter.

We have family in Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

We enjoy Workamping, you make good such friends, and it is fun. We don't work all the time as we like to visit family.

Do you travel with pets? Tell us about them: We travel with a Persian Cat, Pretty Boy, he will be 14 this year, and a Miniature Red Poodle, Canto, she will be 9 this year.

Favorite camping spot or travel destination and why: We have so many favorite places to camp, that it is hard to say. I like to be by the ocean or a lake.

Service Tips, Travel Tricks, or Gadgets you can't RV without: We always fill our gas tank up before it gets below half a tank of gas as many stations have closed. We try to gas up at the stations that are RV friendly, having a dump station, water & propane on the same gas island. We always carry a rolling basket to carry laundry, firewood or ice. TV trays are a must, we use them outside and in the RV for extra space on the dinner table.

We get our RV serviced at Paul Evert's in Fresno, CA. They are very thorough and friendly. They have a nice area to park your RV to stay all night. Their waiting room is very clean. They have a RV store. For your convinces there is a washer & dryer, coffee, water and popcorn. There is information about the area.

Funny Story: We were in Yellowstone NP, and a man comes running up and waving his arms at us! It was friends of ours from Visalia, CA!

Favorite Recipe: I like to make Mandarin Rice and Carrot Cake for pot lucks.

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