Thursday, December 30, 2010

What are you looking for in a new RV? Poll results show....

You have spoken and the RV makers have heard you! According to a recent RV consumer poll there are some sought after features you're looking for in a new RV and Paul Evert's RV just happens to have them in stock!

#1 - Larger kitchen counter tops!
While the sink covers are helpful, RV consumers are looking for a little something more.

The Keystone Montana High Country isn't only state of the art when it comes to weight, look at all that counter space pictured above!
The Keystone Outback Sydney Edition 325FRE (Pictured above) again shows that not all counter tops are created equal.
Monaco Coach makes the most of the counter space in their luxury motorhomes by including a pull out counter, solid sink covers, and stove covers.

#2 - Larger showers!
With all of the sprawling floorplans offered, some manufacturers are sure to not forget the spacious bathroom.

Thor Motorcoach is ensuring your comfort by installing a 24" x 40" shower in the Challenger 32VS.

While still trying to minimize space, the new A.C.E. by Thor Motorcoach is installing curved shower curtain rods to allow for extra shoulder room.

Various floorplans in Montana by Keystone RV can include a spacious 36" garden tub/shower with an adjustable height shower head, molded shelves, and a wash cloth holder.

#3 - Residential sized beds!
This one makes a lot of sense, replacing a mattress or buying linens is much easier without a specialty sized bed.  Paul Evert's RV Country carries several brands and models that now offer this feature.

Both Monaco RV and Tiffin Motorhomes offer residential sized Select Comfort beds.

Every Keystone Montana offers full sized residential King Beds

What features would you like to have in your next RV?

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