Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our little spot in the desert...

Part of the Paul Evert's RV Country family is escaping the winter weather at our show in Parker, AZ at the Bluewater Casino. Our managers and sales people live in fifth wheels for the duration of the show.

Life looks pretty good to us! They have a BBQ, weight set, quads, etc. The weather is sunny and blue skies are hard to beat!

Here are the sales guys putting up balloons, which they do every day! It’s really an art. These guys get an assembly line going of who does the string, the helium, the tying, etc…

Tony Russo, our sales manager, is holding the camera, and our sales people Jorge D’Abramo (Green sweater) and Jerry Wight (Red sweater) are kicking back watching the game. Gotta be honest, we're a little jealous. Looks like fun!

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