Sunday, December 11, 2011

RV Country joins corporate council to help ‘Children’s Hospital Central California’.

We’re so proud to announce our new involvement at  ‘Children’s Hospital Central California’. Joining as part of the corporate council will give us a chance to help make a difference in the lives of children. The Children's Hospital Foundation has launched The Corporate Council to encourage companies’ awareness of the services and patient care offered at the hospital, and to contribute time and fundraising efforts. Medical treatment affects children differently than adults, even if they suffer from the same illness or injury. Simply put, growing children have different bodies than grownups. A routine procedure for an adult may have serious implications for a developing child. Children require specialized pediatric care from practiced professionals who not only identify a young patients immediate medical needs, but also recognize the long-term effects of procedures and treatments on a child. That's why it is so important to us at RV Country to help out when, and where we can. We’re hoping you will too!  

The hospital has volunteer positions  where each year, more than 500 Children’s volunteers, ranging in ages from as young as 13 to over 90, donate their time and energy to support our mission to provide high quality comprehensive health care to children.  If you’re unable to volunteer, you can also make an on-line donation.  The benefits of supporting Children's Hospital are many, and knowing how your gift could change a child's life is the most significant.  You will also be supporting top pediatric experts, joining a community of other generous supporters, and staying current on hospital news.  In short, you will become an investor in our most precious resource... our children. 

For more information on Children's Hospital Central California you can visit their website.  During the holiday season we are all looking for ways we can contribute and help make a difference to someone who needs it, and we can't think of anything quite as fulfilling as helping a child receive the care they so desperately need.

Happy Holidays from your friends at RV Country.

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