Friday, December 9, 2011

Mans best friend found at Parker RV Show!

Our Puppy Sales Rescue Crew!
As you may know, we are spending the month of December near the entrance to the Bluewater Casino in Parker Arizona for our annual RV Show! We just had a really heartwarming thing happen and wanted share it with you.

One of our sales guys noticed a little dog milling around inside our display. He didn't think too much of it since there is an RV park on the casino grounds and figured it's owner was nearby.

Well, the next morning, our salesperson, Jorge D'Abramo, saw the unattended puppy across the street running near the road, but he was unable to catch him! Not long after that, a man in a Holiday Rambler motorhome pulled up asking if anyone had seen a little dog! Jorge explained the sighting and that he was nearby and they traded contact information in case there was another sighting.

Lo and behold, later on that day they open up a Keystone fifth wheel and what do they see...?! A little puppy dog (his name is Bunches!) scared and nestled into the storage shelf behind the bed!! The sales gang immediately called up the man and a very cheerful reunion took place!
Roy Ferreria with Bunches!
It turns out Bunches is an 8 month old Shih Tzu who escaped from the Ferreria's RV. Roy's wife Lydia was overjoyed to receive her little one back and we've been told they haven't left each others side since!

We're so glad Bunches is ok and even happier to make some new friends in a non-traditional way!

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