Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A recipe sure to be loved by RV Country friends

Here’s a recipe that's sure to stimulate your taste buds! Its called ‘Three Berry Pudding Cake’ Submitted by Tina Praesel to the RV Centennial Cookbook by Evada Cooper. This cookbook is a collection of recipes from fellow RVers. This edition was published in April of 2011. According to the website GoodReads , Evada Cooper invited fellow RVers to send in their easy-to-assemble recipes for The RV Centennial Cookbook. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is officially endorsing the book as one of its centennial promotions. The book contains 100 recipes, historical RV information, RV maintenance tips and instructions on playing nostalgic games such as "Kick the Can" and "Hide and Seek."
Produced by Texas State Technical College Publishing, the company has hopes hopes that RVers will submit more recipes to be included in a new edition expected to be published in 2012.  And now without further hesitation we present to you, the delicious, mouth-watering, recipe!

Sugar-free angel food cake (or get it already baked from the store)
1 large box of sugar-free vanilla pudding
1 small container of sugar-free nondairy whip topping
1 bag of three types of frozen berries

First thaw the whip topping in fridge overnight. Next, mix pudding according to box. You can save out ¼ cup of whip topping for decoration on top. Fold the whip topping into pudding. Now tear up the cake and put half into the container of choice (I put it into a glass bowl so you can see the nice mix). You now will layer it using cake, berries, and pudding mix, ending with pudding mix.

Mmmm, now doesn’t that sound divine! If you happen to make any extra, our sales office is open 7 days a week!

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 Enjoy your yummy dessert and happy RVing!

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