Monday, May 9, 2011

Eating Your Way Across America

Do you just love a great roadside diner? Are you always on the lookout for that little hole-in-the-wall place that just may have the best food ever? Do you consider yourself a "Foodie"?  Well you, my friend, are not alone.  Sharing great food with family and friends is one of the simple pleasures in life!
When traveling through a new town, it's always best to find out where the locals eat, and go there.  And now there is a perfect guide to get you to all the right places.  While there are many published guides to eating your way across America, we have found one in particular that we think every traveling "foodie" should carry. Keep in mind that if you are someone who prefers a fancy eatery with lovely ambiance to a down-home BBQ joint, this is not for you...  However, if you are in search of inexpensive cafe's and diners that serve up delicious comfort food, regional specialties, and diner classics, then you have come to the right place.

Gourmet Magazine's popular restaurant critics Jane and Michael Stern have done it again. Their newly updated book, "Roadfood: The Coast-to-Coast Guide to 500 of the Best Barbeque Joints, Lobster Shacks, Ice Cream Parlors, Highway Diners, and Much More" is their best dining guide ever, with over 200 new entries.
The Stern's updated book favors affordable places with great food, and a local atmosphere.  Using their guidebook, you will get the insides scoop on where to go, what to order and what you can expect at each place.  All areas of the continental U.S. are covered, so no matter where you're headed you'll be sure to find some stops along your route.

Do you have a favorite place you always eat at when you're traveling that you want to share with all of your fellow RVers? Submit your story and a picture of you and your family at your favorite eatery to let us know "How You RV". You just may win a gift certificate to our store!  We wish you safe travels and full bellies!

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