Saturday, February 19, 2011

Woman Gives Up Ordinary Life To Pursue The RV Lifestyle

Imagine, if you will, a life free from the ties that bind... You roll with the wind wherever you should choose, cruising through here, stopping for a while there. Freedom is yours! Sound enticing? Well it was for one brave soul in search of more authentic life. Over the course of four years, Rae Crothers had several revelations that moved her to make a drastic change in her lifestyle. The last of these revelations came with the passing of her father. "In his last moments, he was focused on the people he loved and the things he'd done and the things he'd seen. And that's what I wanted, to lead a life that was extraordinary, that wasn't about things."

So with that, in May of 2008,  Rae gave up her job, her apartment, the majority of her material belongings, and set out to live her extraordinary life. She took a road trip to the South, where she found herself a 1997 31-foot Glendale Royal Classic, and named it Miranda. She decided to spend a year traveling Canada, and while she did, she kept a blog, Travels With Miranda, and also wrote a book, Full-Time RVing in Canada.

Crothers is currently in Abbotsford, where she will be holding seminars at the Earlybird RV Show and Sale sharing the highlights of her life on the road, the tips, tricks, and best spots, the joys and the pains of living the RV Lifestyle full-time, and the generosity and good nature of the RV Community.

Although admittedly full-time RVing may not be for everyone, for Rae Crothers, there's no turning back...

"I have a home and the freedom to travel. I tried hard to conform to normal society and it didn't work. I don't see myself ever going back to living in one place again."

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