Monday, May 31, 2010

No more wood blocks or tongue jack hassles with the Flip Automatic jack-foot!

At Paul Evert's RV Country, we are always on the lookout for tools and tricks that make RVing the relaxing vacation it should be. LESS work is MORE fun, right!? Here's a handy tool we now have on display and stocked in our store!

If you're like most trailer owners, you spend a lot of time hassling with your tongue jack. You have to chase around several wood blocks, kneel down and mess with a pin, or put up with a flimsy removable jack foot.

With the Fastway Flip automatic jack foot, you can say goodby to all of those problems. With a Flip jack foot there is:
  • No hassle with wood blocks
  • 6" less cranking up and down
  • Nothing extra for you to store
  • No more kneeling down
  • No pins for you to pull or insert
The Flip automatic jack foot is designed to fit most 2 1/4" tongue jacks with a 2" dimension inner jack tube - round or square. It's tough enough to hold up to 1,400lbs of tongue weight and can easily be installed in just a few minutes.

Stop by the Paul Evert's RV Country parts store to TRY it and BUY it for yourself!

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