Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jayco Receives Green Certification

Jayco enters the Wester Region with "Green" Certified RV's produced int heir Twin Falls, Idaho plant.

Jayco's RVs manufactured in Indiana and Idaho have been "Green Certified" by TRA Certification, Inc. an international accredited organization.

The travel trailers have been awarded a Gold Level Certification Rating making Jayco among the first RV manufacturers recognized for building products with green manufacturing processes and materials.

Paying attention to environmental standards and being efficient with resources are just a couple of the ways Jayco has demonstrated that responsibility.

TRA Certification is helping RV manufacturers promote products that buyers can TRUST are "Green" by providing third party certification based on consensus standards. To the consumer "Green" means energy efficient, cost savings practices and sustainability.

Paul Evert's RV Country is happy to bring you the full line-up of Jayco travel trailers and class c motorhomes. Look for the Certified Green logo on our website.

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