Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RV Country Blog Launch

After 48 years in business, Paul Evert's RV Country is proud to be your One-Stop-Shop for EVERYTHING RV! We carry nearly a dozen #1 selling brands in every price range, length, and color; we provide master certified technicians to service every make and model of RV; and we have partnered with Camping World, the largest name in RV parts and accessories. All this we do with the goal of providing our customers the most knowledgeable, thorough, and affordable RV experience available.

However, the above credentials only tell you the “what” about our business, but they don’t tell you the “why.” The “why” is multi-faceted – the “why” is because we live and breathe and LOVE this industry and its lifestyle.

Paul Evert's RV Country’s slogan is “We Sell Fun,” and for just that reason – RVing IS FUN! RVing is adventurous and wholesome, it brings you closer to nature and culture and family, and it is a gateway to many wonderful and lasting memories and experiences.

So we got to thinking, how can we really truly share the joys of RVing with others? What better way than with a blog? Sure we’ll post service tips, blips about new products, and the occasional promotion, but what we really want to do is capture the true essence of RVing. We hope to post many of our own adventures, stories, and even mishaps because we love everything about RVing too! Plus, it is our hope that you will email us your own experiences so that we can share the true joys of RV ownership with others.

We hope you check back often and we can't wait to see you out there, on the road again…


The Paul Evert’s RV Country Family


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